Can we just talk about the Wizard Visa card for a minute?

Wizard Visa Card Pamphlet 092915-0244

Somehow I was smarter about finances in my younger years. Particularly when I was in school for my bachelor’s degree. Back then I avoided debt like the plague. I didn’t have any for most of my life (thanks Mom and Dad!). All that changed, however, when I undertook the quest for that prized item I really thought I wanted known as a Master’s Degree. (Every day I wonder if that was the right decision to make—and I usually lean towards “Nope!”—but that’s another discussion for another day.)

Wizard Visa Card Pamphlet 092915-0242

With the money you’d save from not going into debt by getting this card (and by this card I mean any card), you could probably buy all the exclusive comics you want (from someone who, say, needs the money due to credit card debt). But hey, they have a 5.9% introductory APR!

I always wondered if the Witchblade vs. Darkness #1/2 was incentive enough to get people to sign up for this. Anyone out there get this card? Did it end up mostly for good (e.g. exclusive comics) or ill (e.g. debt that even Witchblade can’t help you with)?